Open School

What Is Open School ?

Open educational resources (OERs) are learning materials that can be modified and enhanced because their creators have given others permission to do so. The individuals or organizations that create OERs—which can include materials like presentation slides, podcasts, syllabi, images, lesson plans, lecture videos, maps, worksheets, and even entire textbooks—waive some (if not all) of the copyright associated with their works, typically via legal tools like Creative Commons licenses, so others can freely access, reuse, translate, and modify them.

Open Schooling For Telanagana Students

Open education is education without academic admission requirements and is typically offered online. Open education broadens access to the learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems.

  •  Secondary : The minimum age to take admission in the Secondary Course is 14 years.
  •  A learner who has passed class VIII and has valid proof of attaining 14 years of age can apply for registration to the Secondary Course.
  •  A learner giving a self-certificate “I have studied enough to be able to pursue secondary course” is also eligible for admission to the Secondary Course.
  •  A learner who had studied at the secondary level can also seek admission in NIOS either to complete his course or to improve his performance.
  •  Sr. Secondary : The minimum age to take admission in the Senior Secondary Course is 15 years.

Open Schooling For Andhra Pradesh Students

There are various advantages for sitting in one sitting examination. Advantages of this process is given below.

  •  Age Limit : There is no upper age limit for admission. However, the minimum age for enrolment for Secondary Course (SSC) is 14 years completed as on 31st August of the year of admission.
  •  For Intermediate it is 15 years completed as on 31st August of the year of admission.
  •  Choice in Medium of Instruction: SSC course is offered in Telugu, Urdu, English, Hindi and Oriya media. Intermediate course in Telugu, Urdu, English and Hindi media.
  •  Choice of Subjects : You can choose any subject combination from the Group lists of subjects offered as per the criteria given in the Scheme of Studies